Yukon3u.mp is not a virus. It is a hoax. The "virus" does not exist. There is currently no virus that has the characteristics ascribed to Yukon3u.mp. The text of the hoax appears below:
    As many of you know, the amount of viruses that have been posted within the past couple of months are tremendous -- now we have 2 new threats to contend with.
    To continue... a medium amount of the rec ent posts in some of the Alt.Binaries have contained a time-bomb trojan virus called YUKON3U.mp which is a derivative of a 2nd generation Mutating Engine developed by the Dark Avenger -- a self-described "King" of viruses from Bulgaria. The only differenc e is that this strain has a stealth capability beyond the reach of Norton or McAfee Anti-Virus programs latest updates, with the possible, but not probable exception of Dr. Soloman's Anti-Virus version 7.69. The encryption technique is incredible. The YUK ON3U.mp virus is somehow compiled within the UUE code of the JPG itself, and when decoded will install the virus onto the boot sector of the hard drive, and lie in wait for the trigger date sometime in April (changing your internal system clock won't help since the trigger day changes with each infection). The only constant is the month itself. The simple fact of decoding the file via a newsreader or third-party decoder such as Wincode automatically runs and installs the virus without detection, thereby e liminating the wait for somebody actually launching the file by accident (we all know viruses do nothing unless they're launched). For all intents and purposes, the JPG is viewable without any problems and normal in every way, but there is a second file hiding within your boot sector without detection. One of the effects carries a nasty manipulation task which damages hardware -- an interrupt call set to a track value beyond 39, which will cause the drive heads to move past the inner track of the hard drive, causing the heads to stick on some models. That isn't the worst of it. Untitled posts which contain special BOTS that are basically invisible and cannot be seen or read by newsgroup readers have also been recently posted according to Dr. Soloman's web-site. These BOTS are capable of replacing ASCII characters within all posts in the Alt. Binaries newsgroups (i,e. H becomes S, G becomes F, and so on). The BOTS are triggered to alter other user posts by certain words  contained in the post, or by calling upon the Cancel Date of the article ( probably some time in April ).It's very possible that the same group who posted the KILL-BOTS last July are behind this second posting along with the YUKON3U.mp virii.

While being slightly more elaborate and claiming that information regarding Yukon has already been put onto the Dr. Solomon's Web site to lend credibility, this is still a hoax claim.

Viewing a JPEG file cannot result in viral infection in the same way that you won' t get a biological virus by looking at a photograph of somebody who's infected.

Despite intense discussion, nobody has been able to provide proof of a virus damaging hardware. Please ignore any messages regarding this supposed "virus" and do not pass on any messages regarding it.

Passing on messages about this hoax serves only to further propagate it.

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