The Taco Bell Dog Hoax

This is one of the silliest hoaxes that I know of. It's another hoax that I didn't think would spread widely. Again, I was wrong. Here is the most common version:

This is SOOOOOO Cool!!!!!! Yo Have to see this!!!!!! It is
SOOO cute that the people that HAVE seen this keep asking me to
send it to them again!! Now is that good or WHAT?! Here is what
yo gotta do.......

Okay so you have to answer these questions IN YOUR HEAD
okay? Here is the first question. 1) What is your favorite
color? 2) What is your favorite movie? 3) Where is your
favorite place to go on vacation? 4) Do you like to swim? 5)
Do you wear a Bikini or a regular bathing suit? 6) Do you like
to take a shower or a bath? 7) Do you like dogs or cats? 8)
What is your favorite sport? 9) Do you prefer computer games to
TV? 10) Do you prefer Roller Blading to a Bicycle?

Now that you have answered the questions here is the
second part: If you have answered ALL the questions
WITHOUT skipping any, here is what you should do: Send
this to 1-7 people and you will see the little Taco Bell
Chiuahah walk to the middle of you screen and he will say
"Yo Quiro Taco Bell" Send this to 8-10 and he will walk to
the middle of your screen and say ONE of the following: "I
think i'm in love!" or "Viva Gourditas!" OR "I Chiuhuahah
Send this to 11-? people and he will go to the middle of
your screen and sing "Chances are because I wear a silly
grin..." and after that he will sing the "nacho" song!!!!

It's amazing that people are willing to believe that by sending email somehow some animation will appear on their screen. Unlike hoaxes that promise money or donations this one simply promises the appearance of an animation.

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