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Below are details of one of a number of genuine SMS reverse charging scams currently operating in the UK, there may well be similar scams working elsewhere in the world: It first appeared in 2002 .

Mobile Phone Security Alert

Mobile phone users are being warned over a text message scam that could end up costing them hundreds of pounds. A message saying "hi sexy" is reported to be luring unsuspecting victims into signing up for a premium rate reverse charging service. Simply replying to the message registers the user to the service. Once signed up, the user is then bombarded with texts for which they have to pay.

All mobile phone users are urged not to reply back to unsolicited SMS

If you are in any doubt, delete the message immediately.

For more information regarding this scam, go to the links below.,2763,636511,00.html

If you receive an SMS message that you are unsure about then please ignore it and don't respond as you may well be charged for all subsequent SMS messages via reverse SMS charging. This will soon add up to hundreds of pounds/dollars/<insert monetary value of your choice here>. You have been warned.

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