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This is a hoax and appeared in April 2002.

The only people this might help are those that send spam (Bulk Mail) as you are providing them with information that your e-mail account is valid and in use, and therefore you are worth more to them when they sell on your e-mail address.

For those that need a clue, please notice the creators deliberate misspelling of Microsoft as Microsft.

Neither Microsoft or SharpMail are involved in any way with this hoax.

Dear Customer,

Advancements in internet technology mean we are able to track the use of Microsft products. It enables us to analyse its use to aid us in the new version redevelopments. Whilst this is one of the key uses of the internal software distributed with all Microsft products it also plays a part in discovering Piracy of software. We have discovered that you are using Pirate versions of Microsft software, which is pursuable in a criminal court as Fraud, in addition to this, it breaches our copyright which we can pursue in a civil court. We are hereby giving you notification to remove Pirate versions of our products immediately. Failing to do this we will have no alternative but to take legal action.

Best Regards,
Neil Henderson
Microsft Piracy Department

REPLYING PLEASE NOTE : To reply to this email click this link
http://www.sharpmail.co.uk/xxxxxxxxxx This email is sent
using Encrypter(R) software for the highest email security. Failing to
reply to the email via the link above will result in your reply NOT being received.

Please note: the e-mail address above has been masked on purpose.

If you receive a message about this then please ignore it and don't pass it on as this only serves to propagate this hoax.

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