McDonald's Ball Pit

This is yet another hoax that exploits peoples fears of seemingly plausible dangers. This hoax may also be intended to attack McDonald's. This hoax is another in a long line of fake warning hoaxes. Here's the most common version of this hoax:

My name is Lauren Archer, my son Kevin and I
lived in Midrand. On October 2, 1999 I took my
only son to McDonald's for his 3rd birthday.
After he finished lunch, I allowed him to play
in the ball pit. When he started whining
later on, I asked him what was wrong, he
pointed to the back of his pull-up and simply
said "Mommy, it hurts." But I couldn't find
anything wrong with him at that time.

I bathed him when we got home, and it was at
that point when I found a welt on his left
buttock. Upon investigating, it seemed as if
there was something like a splinter under the
welt. I made an appointment to have it taken
out the next day, but soon he started vomiting
and shaking, then his eyes rolled back into his
head. From there, we went to the emergency
room. He died later that night. It turned out
that the welt on his buttock was the tip of a
hypodermic needle that had broken off inside.
The autopsy revealed that Kevin had died from
heroine overdose.

The next week, the police removed the balls
from the ball pit and lo and behold. There was
rotten food, several hypodermic needles: some
full; some used; knives, half-eaten candy,
diapers, feces, and the stench of urine. If a
child is not safe in a child's play area then

You can find the article on Kevin Archer in the
October 10, 1999 issue of the Midrand
Chronicle. Please forward this to all loving
mothers, grandmothers, etc.!

The above language that says: 'Please forward this to all...' should be a clear tip-off that this is a hoax. If you receive a warning like this (even if you think the warning is about a legitimate threat) please never forward the warning with language like this (to forward or pass on the warning).

Other known versions of this hoax include various snakes(rattle snakes, cottonmouths, etc.) or scorpions.

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