The following message has been sent out by email via the internet. It is a hoax and does not exist.

The hoax message appears below:

Read On This Maybe Another Hit !!
Virus name: MATRIX_99.MTX triggered on every
PC on the 4th Sep starting this year.DELETE
immediately if u rec'd an e-mail that looks
like this:

Subject: "Believe The Unbelievable - Win a Nokia handphone 8110i"

Content: as follows.
A Nokia 8110i Matrix model is yours if your are
THE ONE. How to be THE ONE? You are 3 steps away
from being THE ONE.
First - Click on this site

Secondly - Answer 5 simple questions

Thirdly - Wait n See, we will send a notification
email if you are THE ONE.

Once you open the email above, it will infect your
Boot Sector Memory and lay low in there while
infecting any EXE and INI files you open scan. It
will first download itself to your window 95
system register so that each time you load your
PC, this virus will be upload again to your Memory
Boot Sector. It will infect your files by coding
itself into your files which will make your files
an extra 124bytes larger than it suppose to be.
It also using 'STEALTH' technic to hide from any
resent virus utilities.On every FRIDAY, the virus
will decode into smaller fractions and encode again
to a new virus coding. Therefore it's hard to know
what coding was this virus actually use, hence
creating an anti-virus for this one is a bit

On every 4th Sept starting this year, exactly at
12am, each virus in every effected files in your
PC will decode into smaller fraction and it will
combine all together and encode again into 1 single
virus and program itself into a file name
'Matrix.mtx'. Each individual virus is 124bytes in
size, therefore it will only infected a max of 20
files making the original virus 'Matrix.mtx' is a
2480bytes in size. This file is actually the original
virus which in unknown to anyone until 4th Sept 1999.
Therefore, not until 4th Sept 1999, there is no cure
for this virus.Once Matric.mtx created, the virus
will start by disfunctioning your mouse and keyboard
driver. It will delete your system files and it will
delete all partitions you have created. Making your
PC unbootable and in another word your harddisk will
no longer exist. The only CURE you have later is by
formating your harddisk. It can never infect thru
CD-ROM and FLOPPY DISK. What is the MATRIX? , is a
big question which we will only know on the 4th Sept

Please ignore any messages regarding this and please do not pass on any messages regarding it, as passing on these messages only helps to achieve the hoax authors intention.

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