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This is a widespread chain letter that claims that your MSN account will be shutdown unless you send the warning onto other MSN users. It is just a hoax and a Chain E-Mail. Ignore it and bin it. In many ways this is similar to the older Hotmail Charge hoax.

There is no such way to track e-mail (yet) it's just a hoax. How spamming  people can ensure your MSN account doesn't get closed seems a case of negative logic, as sending spam from your MSN account is likely to get your account canceled!

The only people this might help are those that send spam (Bulk Mail) as you are providing them with information that your Hotmail account is valid and in use, and therefore you are worth more to them when they sell on your e-mail address.

Below is the hoax e-mail that is being received:

You have been caught by MSN. You have 30 minutes to send this to as many people as u can including the person that sent it to you. You have to do this or else have your account shut down for GOOD we are warning you to do this. It's for your own good. If somebody does not get this within the 30 days, there account will be shut down. MSN needs to find out who is using there account. Robert Nelson MSN Director.


If you receive a message about this then please ignore it and don't pass it on as this only serves to propagate it.

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