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This is a scam. This appears to be a rework of the 'Old Nigerian Scam'. The main difference is the inclusion of a link to a real news story. 

The common features are "loads of money", for doing very little. They all want some money-up-front and that is the way the scam artists make their money.


From Williams Bully


I am Mr. Williams Bully, the first son of George Bully
the former controller of Liberian Custom Service Zone

Following the recent ominous (bad) development in
Liberia, where the current President Charles Taylor
has vowed to persecute and eliminate anybody who says
the truth, anybody who has the interest to seek for
any elective post especially the post of the
Presidency in Liberia, any body who say out his or her
humble opinion against his opinion, anybody who is not
in support of his bad and dangerous deeds whether old
or young, even students are not left out.

The worst happened recently especially to me when this
particular dictator (Charles Taylor) use his security
agents arrested my father and other important and
eminent personalities whom he felt that were against
his administration or government and put them in the
jail. Just because my father and other eminent
citizens in Liberia were 100% against his (Charles
Taylor) support and sponsoring of the rebels group
that are against the government of Tidjan Kabar of
Sierra Leone. Which had led to United Nations (UN)
sanction against Liberia. He did not end there, he
went ahead frozen my father’s accounts and also
confiscate all our properties. Infact this dictator
(Charles Taylor) has wrecked my family’s plans in
short I am in a state of confusion and traumatic.

As if that was not enough, one day we were in the
school, of cause I am a student of Liberian University
Monrovia. In short I am narrating all these things to
you now with tears from my two eyes. We received
information that President Charles Taylor has sent his
security agents to come to the University and arrest
all students that oppose his administration, on
getting the information; I got in torch with my
younger brother who is a student in the same
University together with other many students off the
school compound. Knowing full well that our
conditions are precarious, before the security
operatives could got into the University compound. We
quickly rushed to the seaport where we boarded Swedish
registered ship along side with old people and
children to Nigeria. The ship we boarded from an
impeccable source was said to have been declared
unseaworthy since 1998. We also paid the Swedish
captain for conveyed us to Nigeria. When we got to
Ghana on June 1st, the Ghanaian officials only allowed
the ship to discharge its Ghanaian passengers in
Ghana, while we Liberian were not allowed to
disembark. While we were on the sea we suffered a
lot, both from starvation, hunger and lack of
medicare. But among all I thank God Almighty for
getting us out of the shores of Liberia especially my
younger brother and I.

For your confirmation and for you to know and believe
me that I am telling you the truth of my life. Please
this same information can be gotten in this widely
daily newspaper called VANGUARD on Internet website: VANGUARD - TUESDAY, JUNE
26, 2001, VOL 17: NO 4781. With the caption ”170
Liberians aboard Swedish ship cry for food” you can
check this for your confirmation.

So right now I must tell you the truth, I am under a
state of confusion and frustration. Leaving behind
with only one hope for my family and me. And what is
that hope? That is why I am serious need of your

When my father was in government then controller
Liberian Customs Service Zone B, he used his position
safely stashed away the sum of $27.2m US Dollars
(Twenty seven Million, Two hundred thousand dollars)
as if he knew it would be like this today.

Though according to him, he would use this fund to
contest for elective position in Liberia. Through a
diplomatic channel and by the help of a senior finance
official with a security company in an oversea with
code this money was in consignment and was disguised
and also quoted to have belonged to a foreigner all
coded. It is on that note I deemed it necessary to
contact you to be the foreign partner and to act as a
trustee in order to claim this huge money which is my
last hope and my family too. For safe keeping and
probably investing it to a right channel as you are
more expose and experienced than me, for I am confused
to what I am going to do with that huge amount of
money for now.

If you have the concern, conscience, sympathy in
helping me out of this ugly situation, please indicate
your interest immediately so that I can furnish you
with the full and necessary information about this
fund (The country where this money is right now, the
name of the credit and security company, their contact
number and the lodgment code which is the most
important). As I cannot disclose all these important
information now for security reasons. I am promising
you that there is nothing to fear in this transaction
since I have all vital and necessary information about
this particular money, so is riskless.

Infact, just to tell you how keen and serious I am
over this, you are entitled to the sum of $7m US
Dollars from the total sum, after the transaction.

Finally, if you are in agreement of helping me and my
family out of this ugly situation we are in now, at
least for humanity sake, please you kindly notify me
urgently through my e-mail address. Also endeavor to
forward your private telephone and fax numbers for
easy communication between us.

God bless you, as you consider my situation and my
family conditions.

Best regards

Williams Bully.


I contacted Vanguard and they sent me the following reply:


Thanks a million for your mail. I am indeed very surprised and saddened by the manner people try to drag Vanguard Media into issues like this.

Well, all I can tell you is that Vanguard is a very highly respectable Media Organisation in the whole of Nigeria and the best read yet, Newspaper so far. We are just doing our job by publishing stories as they break and in line with disseminating information to people far and near. This is obviously a S.C.A.M. and not a genuine person at that. I will advise you to stop forthwith any further correspondences with whoever is in contact with you.

Thanks once again.
Charles Coker

Please ignore any messages regarding this scam and do not pass on any messages regarding it. Passing on messages about this hoax/scam serves only to further propagate it.

You can send copies of these scams to: and they will follow them up.

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