Halloween Mall Warning/Klingerman Virus Spoof

Last Updated: 12/10/2001 07:32 AM

FYI -- As you know I never pass along anything but I think this is very important and I can't just stand by and not say anything. I received the following warning from my mother's neighbor's sister who works and lives in Iowa but visited New Jersey (by bus, thank God) a week before the World Trade Center Trajedy. As we all know, New Jersey is right next to New York.

She also "coincidently" flew in an airplane not three months before all this happened. She did not fly any of the airlines involved with the trajedy but she did fly in an airplane, exactly three months and four days before all this transpired. Coincidence? I think not! She also met a man with a dark mustache buying towels at Walmart just last year so this has got to be true.

She said he seemed jumpy at the time and asked her which color she preferred "blue?" or "white?" or "light green?" which if you replace the "light green" with "red" are the colors of the American flag!!! It still gives her chills to remember. She fled the store without answering him. Here is what she told me:

A friend of my brother-in-law's Dentist's ex-wife received an envelope containing a white powder and this warning written inside on a slip of paper with a gooey pink residue that tasted like Pepto Bismo but gave her a rash all over her body and now she can't feel her teeth:

"On Halloween night, you might hear someone knocking on your front door, their face will be hidden behind a mask and they will be carrying a bag or pillow case. Do not look at them! You will go blind!! Close your eyes!!!

They are a small fraction of Osama Bin Laden terrorists.

They will use a threatening code phrase - "Trick or Treat". In the official language of Afghanistan, this translates to "Kill all the Americans."

Without opening your eyes, GIVE THEM CANDY IMMEDIATELY - this signifies that you support their cause and you are not an enemy. Give them Snickers bars. DO NOT give them Hershey Kisses, Reeses Pieces or Babe Ruths.

IF YOU DO NOT GIVE THEM CANDY, they will come back later and bomb your house and your neighbor's house.

Open your eyes. No - keep them closed!

Call the police! No - don't call the police. Get your gun or rifle out and shoot at them as they are leaving your property. Shoot at your neighbor's house too. Shoot at cars driving by. Shoot at anyone walking on the sidewalk. Shoot at children and small dogs.

You have been warned!"

I say don't be a hero, be safe! Better safe than sorry!!:)!!!

Send this out to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, your local senator and mayor, everybody you know and even people you don't know! The life you save could be your own or somebody else!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asamo Nib Dalen
(911) 102-3645