Funny Video

Here is another hoax in the Forward For Money Hoax pattern. This hoax doesn't promise money but rather humor. Like all 'forward for money' type hoaxes, it promises a benefit of some type if you forward the message. Anytime you see something a message that offers you (or someone else!) some benefit for forwarding an email, you can assume it's a hoax. This is currently the most common version of this hoax:

           If you forward to 11 people a video comes on
           your screen. This works. I don't know how...but it
           works, you have to send this email to no less than
           11 people. Somehow, from the return path generated,
           you'll receive...something, and it is funny!!!! This
           is the coolest thing I've ever gotten! All you
           have to do is send it to 11 people and this little
           video comes up on your screen and shows the funniest
           clip. I can't tell you what it is but I was laughing
           so hard!  So spend a  few seconds to send this and
           you'll be glad you did!

There is no email tracking that would enable someone to send you a message as claimed in this and other such hoaxes. Please do not forward it if you receive a copy.

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