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This is an e-mail based petition that asks you to forward it on to everyone you know . It first appeared in October 2001.

Although this is a laudable cause, there are better way to achieve this. 

There are also many other people that deserve thanks and recognition for their work during and after the atrocities that occurred in September 2001. So are we going to have a Major of New York day, a Police Day, a Paramedics day?

Subject: Fw: Petition

Friends, I hardly ever forward petitions unless they seem to be quite worthwhile. This one strikes me as worthy of the effort. You decide, and sign if you feel the same way. Thanks. -

The following is an effort by the 14 year old son of a firefighter, lost on Sept. 11th. He is petitioning to make Sept. 11th a National Day of Honor for Firefighters.... It seems like such a small thing to do for this young boy. Please type your name at the bottom list and pass on to all
your email addresses...asking them to join this admirable expression of love by a son. Please read: "I lost my Dad on September 11th; he was Chief Edward Geraghty, Battalion 9, New York City Fire Department. He lost his life with many other heroes that day, victims of the terrorists.

Firefighters from all over have come to the aid and rescue of the tragedy in New York and Washington, DC Many firefighters have lost their lives to save someone else's; the truth of the matter is, they do this every single day. They truly are heroes. I know many people feel helpless, especially those who live far from NYC and DC? We all want to do something, show our appreciation, our support. I think we can... In honor of the bravery, courage and determination of American firefighters, there should be a day in our nation to celebrate and appreciate their hard-work and never-ending passion for saving lives. I think we should honor all those other heroes who still live today. I'm starting a petition for a National Firefighters Day. Will you help make every September 11th "National Firefighters Day"?

Please join me!" Thank you. Connor Geraghty, age 14 Rockville Center, New York (I Love u, DAD!!)

PS When this list reaches 250 names, please send it back to me at

Please copy/paste this e-mail message body into a new e-mail, add the next number with your name, city, state and e-mail and please pass it along. 

1. Connor Geraghty, Rockville Center, NY (I Love u DAD!!) -

If you receive a message about this then please ignore it and don't pass it on as this only serves to propagate it.

If you really want to do some good, then send a letter to your local politician or statesman stating your feelings, that will mean more than a silly electronic petition that just has your name on.

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