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This information is a hoax and should be ignored.

Dear customer

Our main competitor, Nokia, is giving free mobile phones away on
the Internet. Here at Ericsson we want to counter their offer.

So we are giving our newest WAP-phones away as well. They are
specially developed for Internet happy customers who value
cutting edge technology. By giving free phones away, we get
valuable customer feedback and a great Word-of-Mouth effect.

All you have to do, is to forward this message to 8 friends.
After two weeks delivery time, you will receive a Ericsson T18.
If you forward it to 20 friends, you will receive the brand new
Ericsson R320 WAP-phone. Just remember to send a copy to
Anna.******* - that is the only way we can see,
that you forwarded the message.

Best of luck
Anna *******
Executive Promotion Manager for Ericsson Marketing

Please ignore any messages regarding this supposed "hoax" and do not pass on any messages regarding it. Passing on messages about this hoax serves only to further propagate it.

Note: the surname of Ericsson employee was replaced by '*******'.

And here's a new twist, the same message, but allegedly from a Nokia employee of the same name:

Here's the original version I received (in French):


Bonjour tout le monde,

Notre grand concurrent, Ericsson, distribue des téléphones portables gratuitement via Internet. Nous, chez Nokia, voulons aussi proposer une offre intéressante. 

Nous avons l'intention de nous rendre encore plus connus par l'intermédiaire du bouche à oreille et, dans ce but, nous distribuons gratuitement nos nouveaux wap-phones. Tout ce que vous avez à faire, c'est de transmettre cet e-mail à 8 connaissances. 

D'ici à 2 semaines, vous recevrez un Nokia 6210. Si vous envoyez ce mail à 20 personnes, vous recevrez un NOKIA WAP.

N'oubliez pas toutefois d'envoyez une copie de ce mail à afin que votre participation soit enregistrée.

Here's an English translation of the above:


Hello everyone,

Our large competitor, Ericsson, distribute portable telephones free via Internet. We, at Nokia, want to also propose one offer interesting. 

We intend to return to us even more known by the intermediary of the mouth with ear and, to this end, us let us distribute our new wap-phone free. All that you have with to make, it is to transmit this enamel to 8 knowledge. 

From here to 2 weeks, you will receive Nokia 6210. If you send this mall to 20 people, you will receive a NOKIA WAP.

Do not forget however send a copy of this mall to so that your participation is recorded.


If you receive a message about this then please ignore it and don't pass it on as this only serves to propagate this hoax.

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