Death69 is not a virus; it is a complete hoax. There is currently no virus that has the characteristics ascribed to death69.

As with most virus hoaxes, the message over-exaggerates the necessity to pass the message on to everyone the reader knows, claims that the "virus" can perform physical destruction to computer parts and quotes an authority figure in an attempt to lend more credibility to the often absurd claims.

The hoax was first discovered posted to a newsgroup on Prodigy in early December 1996. The message includes the following "warning:"
    There is a new horrible virus on the loose! created late November by elite hacker "DEATH-BLAZE." The virus is full stealth and Trojan, once thought never possible, it first formats the hard drive, then it physically eats at the materials of the drive. researchers are stunned, they say it is probably the most destructive virus ever created.The virus's name is "death69" witch as I stated earlier was created by elite hacker "DEATH-BLAZE"

The closing statement of the message claims that the warning was "written by the technicians at Norton Antivirus! distribute freely."

Symantec and the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center have never released such a notice.

Please ignore any messages regarding this supposed "virus" and do not pass on any messages regarding it. Passing on messages about this hoax serves only to further propagate it.

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