Cancer Chain Letters (aka 3/6/32/?? cents for American Cancer Society)

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These are a selection of the widespread chain letters that claim to be either for cancer patients or for the benefit of the American Cancer Society. There are many different versions of this chain letter. These messages are all hoaxes and none of them are endorsed by the cancer research organisations. Do not pass them on. The most common version mentions the e-mail address: ACS@AOL.COM This e-mail address does not exist.

Here's a glossed up version that appeared in April 2002:

Here's a variant that appeared in January 2001 (another version claims that Rachel is now 10 months old!)

Here is one of the most common versions of this chain letter:

Here is another version:

Another version:

Yet another version:
And here is one of the most recent versions:
Here's a version that appeared in October 1999:

Here's another version appeared in 2000:

Please ignore all versions and other variants of these chain mails/hoaxes and PLEASE don't spread them any further.
For more information, check the America Cancer Society web site

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