Bill Gates

As usual these hoaxes are targeted at those that are not yet cynical enough ;-)

Hoax Part (Bill Gates)
This started to appear towards the end of November 1997.

    Hello everybody,
    My name is Bill Gates. I have just written up an
    e-mail tracing program that traces everyone to whom
    this message is forwarded to. I am experimenting with
    this and I need your help. Forward this to everyone
    you know and if it reaches 1000 people everyone on
    the list will receive $1000 at my expense. Enjoy.

    Your friend,
    Bill Gates

Hoax Part 2 (EEVP)
This started to appear towards the end of November 1997.

    Microsoft Corporation
    One Microsoft Way, Bldg. 8, N.
    Office 2211
    Redmond, WA 98052 USA

    Thanks for your help in compiling the "email
    database." I am happy to report that the 1000
    participant threshold was broken on December 2nd,
    1997 with a final push from the Boston area. You and
    everyone else you forwarded that email to have just
    qualified for our $1000 COMPENSATION prize !!

    To claim your prize, simply respond to this email
    with your credit card number and expiration date and
    I will have someone from my office credit your
    account with the $1000.00 winnings.

    With Warmest Regards,
    Bill Gates

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The Microsoft Corporation makes no
    claim and takes no responsibility for any damage that
    shall be caused by the EEVP (embedded executable
    virus program) which is now resident in the virtual
    memory of most if not all of the participants of the
    Late '97 E-Contest.

    The E-contest was actually a testbed for a new
    product we are developing called "V-TRACE98 v2.04".
    Within the past few months specialists in our
    VMTF(Virus Management Testbed Facility) accidentally
    discovered several new strains of EEVPs which cause
    particularly devastation to Netscape Communicator 4.0

    VT98 is being marketed at network administrators (a
    consumer product is in development) as a virus tool
    to trace a new strain of embedded executable email
    viruses back to their original source and "extinguish
    the threat" by cleansing the network and all client
    machines of all EEVP viruses and all Netscape
    communications software. VT98 2.04 then refreshes the
    clients with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5 (our
    latest release which has just been developed to
    combat EEVPs and other Netscape and Sun Microsystems
    JAVA software security weaknesses).

    Early estimates placed the trace limitation of such a
    program at 672 users. In actuality, we were able to
    trace the spread of the EEVP message back through 994
    participants to our MSVSS (Microsoft Virus Seed
    Server) at the Microsoft VMTF here in Redmond. The
    E-contest virus distribution vehicle was quite

    And so, we offer this generous COMPENSATION prize to
    our 1000 willing participants to address the effects
    of this new strain of EEVP. We hope that $1000.00
    will be enough to cover the certain loss of most of
    the files on your hard drive(we valued at $257), not
    to mention the time and anguish (we valued at $43),
    and the general pain and suffering (valued at $93).
    This leaves you with exactly $607.00 which we expect
    you will most likely want to spend on a copy of our
    new program "E-SPAM BARRIER 98 v1.0" to prevent
    receiving our e-contest testbed messages in the
    future (priced at $597). Lastly, we thought we should
    leave you for a couple of stiff drinks (priced at $9
    or $10).

    Happy Holidays!

Hoax Part 3 (Disney Jr.)
This started to appear towards the end of August 1998.

It's back! The email tracking myth has returned, this time in a chain letter calimingto originate from "Walt Disney Jr. and Management at Disney World."

    FW: Let's do Disney!
    Disney message & $5,000.00
    If you read below you will see the note from
    Walt Disney Jr. & Management at Disney World.
    Basically if this messages reaches 13,000
    people, everyone will receive $5,000.00 or a
    free, all expenses paid, trip to Disney World
    in anytime during the summer of 1999.
     See the note below - its worth it!!!!
    Everyone is to resend to 15 individuals.
    Please read and forward to as many friends as
    possible...we've checked up on this and this is
    no joke of a chain letter or something if this
    reaches 13,000 people...duplicate entries don't
    count, though...So, please help & pass on...
    thank you, and here you go!!!


    Hello Disney fans,
    And thank you for signing up for Bill Gates'
    Beta Email Tracking
    My name is Walt Disney Jr.
    Here at Disney we are working with Microsoft
    which has just compiled an e-mail tracing
    program that tracks everyone to whom this
    message is forwarded to. It does this through
    an unique IP (Internet Protocol) address log
    book database. We are experimenting with this
    and need your help. Forward this to everyone
    you know and if it reaches 13,000 people, 1,300
    of the people on the list will receive $5,000,
    and the rest will receive a free trip for two
    to Disney World for one week during the summer
    of 1999 at our expense.


    Note: Duplicate entries will not be counted.

    You will be notified by email with further
    instructions once this email has reached 13,000

    Your friends,

    Walt Disney Jr., Disney, Bill Gates, & The
    Microsoft Development Team.

Although part 2 of this hoax describes a virus "EEVP" there is no such virus and of course neither of these hoaxes originate from Microsoft or Bill Gates.

Please ignore any messages regarding this supposed "virus" and do not pass on any messages regarding it. Passing on messages about this hoax serves only to further propagate it.

Yet another version...This one appeared in May 1999.

Variant 4. $800 Dollars from Microsoft
    Netscape and AOL have recently merged to form the largest internet company in the world. In an effort to remain at pace with this giant, Microsoft has introduced a new email tracking system as a way to keep Internet Explorer as the most popular browser on the market. This email is a beta test of the new software and Microsoft has generously offered to compensate who participate in the testing process. For each person you send this email to, you will be given $5. For every person they give it to, you will be given an additional $3. For every person they send it to you will receive $1. Microsoft will tally all the emails produced under your name over a two Week period and then email you with more instructions. This beta test is only for Microsoft Windows users because the email tracking device that contacts Microsoft is embedded into the code of Windows 95 and 98. I know you guys hate forwards. But I started this a month ago because I Was very short on cash. A week ago I got an email from Microsoft asking me Fo
    r my address. I gave it to them and yesterday I got a check the mail for $800. It really works. I wanted you to get a piece of the action. You won't regret it.

Please ignore any messages regarding this supposed "virus" and do not pass on any messages regarding it. Passing on messages about this hoax serves only to further propagate it.

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