Last Updated: 26/06/2001 04:56 PM

The following is not a virus. It is a hoax. The "virus" does not exist. It is a sham, meant only to panic new or inexperienced computer users.

The hoax message includes the following "warning:"

    Recently a new virus was discovered that has been classified by Microsoft and McAfee as the most destructive virus of the all times. This virus was discovered yesterday and it is recognized with the name of ANTICRISTO, it hasn't been found by any anti-virus, it simply destroys sector zero of the hard disk where vital information about the system functionality is stored. It works like this:

    1) It sends itself to all in the address book with the subject

    2) At the moment that the virus is installed, it destroy sector zero and in this way it destroys the hard disk permanently. 

    Please send this E-Mail to the most number of people that you can, in case you receive an e-mail with the subject "SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", 
    take it from an expert because the virus has the capacity to auto-install itself.
Please ignore any messages regarding this supposed "virus" and do not pass on any messages regarding it. Passing on messages about this virus hoax serves only to further propagate it.


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