14 Cool Illusions

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Chain Mail



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This is a hoax and chain e-mail. It first appeared in 2002 .

Here is another hoax in the Forward For Money Hoax pattern. This hoax doesn't promise money but rather another Optical Illusion. Like all 'forward for money' type hoaxes, it promises a benefit of some type if you forward the message. Anytime you see something a message that offers you (or someone else!) some benefit for forwarding an email, you can assume it's a hoax.  The copy I was sent only contained 11 optical illusions, so your mileage may vary on the number of images that you may receive.


There is no email tracking that would enable this to work as claimed in this and other similar hoaxes. Please do not forward it if you receive a copy, especially as this whole hoax is over 650KB in size!

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